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About Foundry Context

Foundry Context is a sans serif family designed to be universal in many contexts – hence the name. A ‘no-nonsense’ typeface, reminiscent of 19th century sans serif faces, Foundry Context has very round, pure letterforms, crafted without being over-refined and having minimal stroke contrast in the neo-grotesque style. A hint of personality has emerged from the very drawing of the proportions, strokes, and terminals, yet Foundry Context is still neutral enough to compete in the grotesk arena and at the same time has something different to say.

After Foundry Monoline was released with its subtle square form and strong style, we had a desire to create an extremely neutral, effortless typeface, very round and pure without, seemingly being over consciously refined; with letterforms that have no leanings towards humanistic scripts. Simple, minimal, and essential, with these characteristics in mind like any other typeface goes into refining weights, proportions, stroke widths, and terminals, that in the end, ends up in the larger sense humanistic. Humanistic in that it reaches back to before the Renaissance and more classical abstract idea of proportions.

With the low contrast appearance and sympathetic shapes, Foundry Context offers an understated tone of voice that appeals to a variety of branding sectors and where applications for print and screen are at a premium. The terminals of ‘C, G, J, S, a, c, e, f, g and t‘ do not flare or distort through the weight range and have an even distribution of form. Its large x-height, compact spacing, and optical recognition characteristics, Foundry Context is widely chosen for legibility and clarity. A six style family of Regular, Italic, Medium, Demi, Bold, and Extra Bold which includes scaled capitals, ligatures, scaled tabular, and proportionally spaced numerals, fractions, and more to suit a wide range of uses.

Foundry Context, Grafik 145, Oct 2006, p.82.
Foundry Context, Grafik 145, Oct 2006, p.82.

In use

Now or Never: The Global Forecaster UK Strategic Defence Review 2020, © Apollo Analysis Ltd.
Designed by Peter Dawson at Grade Design.

Now or Never: The Global Forecaster UK Strategic Defence Review 2020, © Apollo Analysis Ltd – designed by Peter Dawson at Grade Design using Foundry Context.
Now or Never: The Global Forecaster UK Strategic Defence Review 2020, © Apollo Analysis Ltd – designed by Peter Dawson at Grade Design using Foundry Context.

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