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About Foundry Plek

The Foundry Plek and Flek families are fonts based on the same integral dot matrix grid system that creates all their letterforms; Foundry Flek differs in that it also has this same grid matrix in the background of the letters. Foundry Plek has the exact same essential letterforms and also works as a correspondence font with a ‘typewriter font’ effect.

Foundry Plek and Flek which started as a simple idea of how to make a dot matrix typeface using a grid 5 x 9 system. Another concept was to enable the dots to vary in size but still adhere strictly to the grid so that you could flexibly lay one text box exactly over each other and build up various colour schemes.


With its background dot matrix grid, when Flek is set solid, e.g 24pt on 24pt leading, the dots not only align perfectly vertically, but also horizontally, creating a continuous pattern. Both the Foundry Plek and Flek families have an auxiliary font containing only the dot matrix grid, enabling the designer to get creative and make up grid patterns with ease.

In all weights, as the circular structured letters become bolder, the centre of the dot remains in the same position, allowing the different weights to be mixed with precision. This offers the possibility of having different colours within the synchronized letterforms and the ability to create a dynamic, dimensional effect.

Each family includes: Light, Regular, Medium and Bold weights – with a selection of dot patterns that can extend the grid vertically and horizontally. These two font families allow you to create a whole new graphic language that can be developed, explored and fun.

Foundry Flek can be viewed here.


Foundry Flek and Plek, GI 100, p.29.
Foundry Flek and Plek, Graphics International 100, Nov 2002, p.29.

In use

Lightwriting – an installation for Lumiere Durham.
Designed by Richard Wolfströme.

Lightwriting – Design by Richard Wolfströme using Foundry Plek.

Licence Foundry Plek through Monotype

The original Foundry font collection is currently available exclusively from Monotype, you can purchase a licence to use these typefaces at Fonts.com, FontShop, Linotype, and MyFonts, via the following links.

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