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About Foundry Tiento

Foundry Tiento, a graceful, curvaceous, exquisite, and delicately poised Neo-classical typeface suitable for editorial, headline display, and branding. Strong contrasting thick and thin strokes, unbracketed hairline serifs, and vertical axis underpin the hallmarks of this modern typeface style.

The seed of producing Foundry Tiento was sown many years ago when David Quay designed the condensed Didone font, Bordeaux, for Letraset in 1987. The success of Bordeaux inspirited David into action to develop a more classic proportioned version.

The first concept sketches of Foundry Tiento started 12 years ago during David’s time teaching at the Idep, Barcelona in 2008. Surrounded by stunning Spanish architecture, art, and musical forms, exploring the permutations of a given motif, through virtuosic counterpoint. David, infused with a Latino spirit, worked tirelessly drawing and formulating a variety of the dramatic Didone characteristics, letterforms, and ball terminals which are prominent in the Bodoni and Didot style from the end of the 18th and early 19th Century.

Balancing the harmony of form and space of this four weight typeface family iterates the notes of the black and white organ keys that when played, although through a formal structure, are evocative and harmonious. The extreme contrast of the letterforms evolves through the weights whilst retaining the same hairline stroke. A beautiful, flowery and grandiloquent typeface.

Foundry Tiento has a comprehensive character set consisting of Central and Eastern European languages along with small caps, extended ligatures, and four sets of figures. Currently, Foundry Tiento has four Roman styles; Regular, Medium, Bold, and Heavy with their corresponding italics. Foundry Tiento gained its name when David listened to classical tiento music at a concert one evening and with an ode to his time in Spain and where tiento music originates.

Foundry Tiento, Eye 100, p.27.
Foundry Tiento, Eye 100, p.27.

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